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Discernment Team Update
Posted: June 1, 2017

The Discernment Team has begun meeting. Our first gathering was with Canon Linda Grenz who outlined the process for us. We will be meeting every week, through the summer, until a candidate is selected. Our team has broken up into subgroups of: Communications, Interview, Logistics and References. We are presently crafting a series of interview questions to use for our phone interviews.

Canon Grenz will meet with us in mid-June to present a list of 6-8 candidates. Once the Team has reviewed this group, a decision will be made as to how many of these we will interview. The next step will be to set up a Skype (videophone) interview of about an hour with each candidate. After that we will narrow the group of candidates again.

We will do our best to keep everyone informed of the process both through this website and in-church updates. In the meantime, please keep the Discernment Team and the candidates in your prayers.

Scott Fraser
Discernment Team




Brainstorming for Profile Committee
February 26, 2017



The Trinity Church Vestry is proud to announce the team Chairs and team members of the committees that will be guiding us through our search process for our next Rector:

Portfolio Team

  • Chair: Phyllis Schumacher
  • Jerry Dion
  • Kelly Lemire
  • Steve Brannigan
  • Jim Segovis
  • Lynne Donnelly
  • Jill Shurtleff
  • Megan Picozzi

Discernment Team

  • Chair: Steve Gaddes
  • Diane Weeks
  • Glynis Lemelin
  • Lisa Clay
  • Ted Donnelly
  • June Guglielmi
  • Scott Fraser
  • Linda Strocky
  • Norman Shardlow

Communications/Website Team

  • Chair: Terry Yeaw
  • Becky Smith
  • Bethanne Colvin
  • Linda Sprague

Prayer Team

  • Chair: Barbara Barber
  • Donna Tornatore
  • Patty Kline
  • Cindy Averill
  • Barbara Thompson
  • Becky Smith
  • Judy Duclau
  • Joan Melaragno

Farewell to Fr. Bill / Welcome New Rector Team

  • Chair: Janice Heywood
  • Norma Garnsey
  • Jane Dempsey
  • Cindy Averill
  • Mary Blackmore
  • Linda Maynard
  • Debbie Luchka
  • Joan Nelson
  • Shirley Hutchings
  • Deirdre Marzano
  • Donna Martel

Portfolio Team Survey

Portfolio Committee Questions: Final Narration
The Portfolio Team collected data from the community to aid in our search process, seeking input from as many of you as we could including all age and demographic groups. One of the main ways we collected this data was by answering 12 questions provided to us from the Diocese, which try to help provide a narrative of who we are as a community. Following is the result of our efforts.

  1. Describe a moment in your worshipping community's recent ministry which you recognized as one of success and fulfillment.

    The merger of the two churches five years ago has proven to be spiritually uplifting for our combined community.  The simultaneously run annual meetings are remembered as an emotional and rewarding moment when both communities unanimously voted to become one.  This merger has enriched our community by combining the rich traditions of both parishes.  One member described the first time we worshipped together as being spoken to by God with the song sung at the end of each mass, "Go Now In Peace."
  2. How are you preparing yourselves for the Church of the future?

    God's Vision, Our Mission; Responding in Faith-As our mission statement says, we are responding as faithful servants of God. We must start with having an open mind, prayer, and recognizing we need to approach things differently to grow our community. Understanding that one of our community concerns is an aging parish population (81% of our parish is age 50 or above), we would like to begin focusing on the younger generation/families.

    We are continuing the annual traditions/fundraisers that help sustain our ministries, which encompass both the parish and the wider community.  We have recently increased our emphasis on communication within the parish. This includes an updated website, both electronic and printed version of our monthly newsletter, and our weekly bulletin.
  3. Please provide 4-6 words (separated by commas) describing the gifts and skills essential to the future leaders of your worshipping community?

    The future leaders, including the rector, of our spiritual community will have to be communicative, dedicated/focused, democratic/inclusive, empathetic, welcoming, and down to earth.
  4. Describe your liturgical style and practice for all types of worship provided by your community.

    The 8:00 am Sunday service is a quiet and contemplative service.  Music is an important ministry which is included in our 9:30am Sunday service and most holiday special services. Our monthly youth service is a priority; the youth are the readers and greeters. Saturday 5pm service is a quiet prayerful and often has Taize music which continues to have a following.  We are not a "High Episcopalian" church.
  5. How do you practice incorporating others into ministry?

    We are currently working on providing a concise packet for newcomers on all ministry volunteer opportunities. We do a direct ask for specific volunteers at the end of mass for our larger fundraisers. We have  several ministries and everyone is encouraged to participate in those events. The call for volunteers goes out in weekly emails, on the updated webpage, and in the printed bulletin.  Our annual nomination committee is also a way to be invited to ministry.
  6. As a worshipping community, how do you care for your spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being?
    In addition to our weekly services, we have ministries that nurture the spiritual, emotional and physical well-being of our community.  Women In Need of Growing Spiritually (WINGS) & Men's Group – each meet once a month for fellowship, scripture readings and different topics at hand.  Our WINGS group is very active and has several on-site and off-site retreats.  The knitting group makes prayer shawls and baby blankets that are blessed before being given away.  We currently offer two EFM classes.  We also offer a Lenten Program where we meet each week for a simple meal and we reflect on a chosen book/video series.

    The children in our parish meet weekly for Sunday School.  Once a month is Youth Sunday, where the children take part in the liturgy.  Every week the children bring up the "red wagon" full of food to be blessed for our food closet. They take what they have learned in church and Sunday School to reach out to the community in a variety of ways. 

    "Trinity Angels" provide meals to those after surgery, rides to the doctors or to church.  Our lay ministers take communion on a regular basis to those who are unable to join us for worship at church.  Our parish nurse is always available in times of need.
  7. How do you engage in pastoral care for those beyond your worshipping community?

    Our parish has a quote– "We Feed People" spiritually, emotionally and physically. Our Outreach Program includes a food closet which feeds approximately 60 clients monthly within our town and neighboring communities, and also provides Thanksgiving and Christmas Baskets.  Our Trinity Thrift Shop provides clothes for infants to adults and home goods.  At Christmas, we have an "Adopt a Child" program to provide gifts to children through our food closet and St. Mary's Home for Children in North Providence.   We work with St. George's Soup Kitchen in Central Falls by providing hot meals, bagged snacks, and personal needs items once a month to their clients.  In addition, our Parish serves as a site for a "12 Step Program" and our local Boy Scout troop.
  8. Describe your worshipping community's involvement in either the wider Church or geographical region?

    We have a variety of ministries that start in our community but reach well beyond. Trinity Food Closet, an agency of the RI Community Food Bank, supports approximately 60 families in our region. Our annual "Run the Reservoir" fundraiser not only raises money and accepts food donations, but it energizes the larger community to get involved with ending hunger. We have a ministry that supports St. George's Soup Kitchen in Central Falls once a month.  We support the Episcopal Conference Center, UTO, Episcopal Charities and host community blood drives.  We have representatives to our Deanery and we attend Diocesan Lead and Learn Seminars.  We work cooperatively with the North Scituate Baptist Church alternating turns, conducting community Ecumenical Services for Thanksgiving Eve and Easter Sun Rise.  The Trinity Thrift Shop is known and loved throughout our neighboring towns.  Volunteers at the food closet, thrift store, and the road race include many non-parishioners, including members of Advent Christian Church in Scituate.
  9. Tell about a ministry that your worshiping community has initiated in the past five years.  Who can be contacted about this?

    The Men's Group, revived after the merger is led by Richard Shurtleff and holds meetings to discuss faith, family, food, and football.  Their ministry is to come together, lift each other up, and have fun in the process. The Sisters of Sophia is a national movement; it is an opportunity for the women of Trinity to connect with each other through the examination of the wise women of the Bible.  This ministry is led by Donna Tornatore and meets once a month.  June Guglielmi set in motion the design and installation of our Labyrinth, while Donna Tornatore provided materials to teach parishioners how to use the Labyrinth for meditative prayer. The Parish Nurse Program was started by the generosity of Cindy Averill.  This ministry offers transportation to doctors' appointments, home visits, and help with errands.  The children and young adults collect suitcases for foster children, clothing and blankets for St. George's and have joined the "Read to Feed" program. These ministries are organized by the Sunday School staff.
  10. What is your practice of stewardship and how does it shape the life of your worshiping community?

     We have an organized stewardship committee with an annual fund drive and we are transitioning to a year round stewardship program.  However, we practice our stewardship, with our time, talents, and treasures as a faith community throughout the year.   We participate in church services, charity work, and fundraisers.  Our volunteers give generously of their time in many ways: Vestry, Acolytes, Altar Guild, Music, Sunday School and Stewardship to name a few.  We have volunteers who step into leadership roles and others who fill in as worker bees.  We have others who participate in workshops to gain insight to who we are as a Parish, where we are going, and the best way to get there.  We are full of heart and we do not shy away from hard work; we are guided by God's will.
  11. What is your worshiping community's experience of conflict?  And how have you addressed it?

    We have had conflict at Trinity at times but we have managed to continue worshiping together and the conflict usually "works itself out".  Our recent merger has put us in a position of considering other people's feelings and traditions and incorporating them into our daily living.  The Rector and Vestry respect each other and often talk about potential and actual conflicts.  Our annual meeting is one opportunity to voice opinions and discuss issues and concerns. We believe in the open discussion of problems and look for amicable resolutions.   Leadership, both with a rector with an open heart and mind and a vestry who communicates and listens to all sides of the story, is the beginning of a strong healthy parish community.
  12. What is your experience leading/addressing change in the church?  When has it gone well?  When has it gone poorly ?  And what did you learn?

    We have had change at Trinity, our biggest change was the merger of St. Alban's and Trinity.  The leadership of both churches during that time of change managed it by communicating frequently, openly and by listening.

    Over the years there have been issues between parishioners and due to lack of communication where leadership did not address the situation, parishioners left the church.

    We have learned communication and transparency from our leaders is essential.  Change is smoother and easier when there is time for reflection.  We are in an exciting, and uncertain time with finding our new rector.  We have built several fine teams with many parishioners to help keep the process transparent and lines of communication open.

Final Portfolio Question: What are you looking for in a Rector?

  1. I am looking for a Rector who will have regular office hours. Also, because we have so many volunteers in different ministries, I would like Rector who will listen to both sides of a problem when it arises with a volunteer and not just dismiss the volunteer by letter without getting input from the volunteer and others who may be aware of different sides of the issue.
  2. A sense of humor, Patience; Fairness; willing to hold office hours; caring; preach without notes; Appreciates youth involvement in the church.
  3. A new rector should be very faithful and spiritual.  A strong leader and speaker who is able to move our lessons to our everyday lives. I would prefer someone who is not currently in RI service and does not already have a view of us as a parish.
  4. An administrator is badly needed. He/she should be spiritual, a leader, friendly, and open to learn about new ministries.
  5. Someone that truly believes the "KIDS MATTER HERE!"
  6. Someone like the Rev'd Bill Locke!!
  7. My feelings are that the next Rector should have experience in spiritual deliverance and healing rooms or be open to the idea of offering the service.
  8. Looking for a male. Organized, tech friendly.  
  9. I am looking for the qualities: music, kids matter here, technology, more involvement in outreach.
  10. Someone who is nice to kids; welcoming/kind; social – interacts with church people; Intelligent and wise; talks to crowds easily; interacts with 5 year olds.
  11. Someone who is good at the sermon part of the service; someone funny and nice.
  12. Enjoys Lenten home communion; regularly interacts with youth; children service on youth Sundays; active with all church activities/ministries; regular office hours; married with young children/teens; creative; fresh ideas; enjoys coffee hour occasionally and visiting with parishioners.
  13. Someone who will encourage our youth to have faith. Someone who likes to hug. Someone open to new ideas.
  14. Combo of Fr. Frink and Pam, sermons pointed toward readings, energetic and can reach out to our kids,
  15. Understands the elderly, accepts our diversity, open to our ecumenical community, will hold office hours, supportive of outreach, appreciates nature, and understands our financial problems, age 35-50 range. Doesn't matter about race, gender, or sexual orientation, not high church.
  16. Someone who is compassionate, with good organizational skills, and someone who can relate to people, Good preacher like Fr. Bill or Pam, Someone who relates well with children to build children's education back  up, A "pastor" not just a priest.
  17. Quality of "entrepreneurship."  Our next minister will have to help us grow again given the transition we are going through with an aging population.

SWOT Analysis


  • Group 1
    Friendly, welcoming, accepting of diversity
    Volunteerism opportunities- diverse –outreach & parish
    Variety- vocal, instrumental
  • Group 2
      Delivery of food (food angel ministry)
      Prayer shawls/ baptism blankets
       Active youth ministry
    Leadership-many diverse backgrounds, well educated, business knowledge, administrative backgrounds
    Friendly  welcoming
  • Group 3
    Outreach- food closet, St George's, thrift store
    Fellowship-SOS, WINGS, meditation, men's club, ECW
    Youth program-Sunday school
    Food- coffee hour, pancake, turkey suppers
    Liturgical & lay ministry
    Child care during church service
  • Group 4
    Outreach- food closet, St George's, thrift store
    Family orientated
    Very active
    Handicap accessibility
    Same sex marriages
  • Group 5
    Food ministry- red wagon (children participation in collecting food) at mass
    Fundraisers- awesome- creative
    Superior Sunday School/  outside youth (boy scout)s, child outreach
  • Group 6
  • Group 7
    Outreach -road race
    Family atmosphere
    Fiscally responsible/ member stability
    Rural setting
    Commercial kitchen
  • Group 8
    Links to community
    Physical plant- accessibility
    Fellowship & music
  • Group 9
    Outreach- thrift, giving tree, blankets, Food angels St Mary's
    Non discriminatory


  • Group 1
    Better attendance needed
    Need 100% pledging
    Need more family oriented leadership
    Sermons that define the lessons
    Year round 2 services
    Traffic control
  • Group 2
    Aging population- shrinking youth population
    More people like fellowship than  Bible study
    Too much reliance on volunteers/ fundraisers
    Lack of diversity in population
    People cheap with pledging
  • Group 3
    More teaching experiences- explain why things are done
    Not diverse-
    More storage space
  • Group 4
    Need more explanation of the liturgical year and how to tie it into our daily life
    Priest be more involved with Sunday school youth
    Internal communication gaps- calendar, use of space, finances- be aware of when parishioners are ill and need prayers or help
  • Group 5
    Membership & retention
    Volunteer & fatigue
    Youth- retention after confirmation
    Participation in surveys, annual mtg, services
    Website – communication- not personal-non electronic
  • Group 6
    Challenges of rural population
    Dependence on fundraisers
    Attracting and maintaining families with young children
    Worship space capacity
  • Group 7
    Rethink the administrative function
    Communication- between committees, emails
    More info for newcomers
    Older population
  • Group 8
    Sunday school timing
    Marketing ourselves


  • Group 1
    New rector/New members
    Room for expansion- financial means
    Energize fellowship groups—core of untapped volunteers
  • Group 2
    Tap into service project requirements- high school
    Stronger footprint in social media
    Create awareness that we accept diverse sexual orientation
  • Group 3
    Go fund me page for stewardship
    Add a Sunday night service
    Coffee house music after 5pm service
  • Group 4
    Presence at Art Festival
    Joining chamber of commerce
    Expanding physical space
    Reach out to senior centers
  • Group 5
    Advertise hall space
    Sister parish
    Grow 5pm & 8am services
  • Group 6
    Music at 8am service
    Shuttle service for people in need
    Daycare or adult care in hall
  • Group 7
    Support of Bishop & Linda
    healthcare outstanding
    RI is beginning to grow in terms of business
    Great colleges & schools
    Cultural state
    Great theatres
  • Group 8
    Many grants available
    Combining youth events with local churches
    Sister parish with St Thomas


  • Group 1
    Finding right rector
    Traditional liturgy
    Sunday morning sports
  • Group 2
    Aging community
    People not wanting organized religion
  • Group 3
    Physical environment
    No plan for post confirmands
  • Group 4
    Lack of participation younger families
    Rector who is not connected with community
    Volunteer fatigue
    Uninspired worship
  • Group 5
    Nearby thriving parish  

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